Sunday, December 3, 2006

The Loss of a Bearded (Goatee'ed) Crush

Tonight was absolutely heartbreaking to me, and I warn any readers that I bring nothing but dire, awful news. My awkward-man-crush (the man being awkward, and the man-crush being awkward, thus the excessive hyphens) has shaven (is that the past participle? Or is it "shaved"?) his goatee, thus cultivating less odd traits. I don't know what to do; I guess he's simply not the one for me. *Sigh* :)


Samantha said...

He wasn't good enough for you anyway. And I like him better without the goatee. Maybe I have a crush on him now, so I'm glad there's a little less competition. You'd win in the cuteness category--but I'd beat you in the gender-preference one.

AttemptingthePath said...

OH shnap.

Samantha wins

Hey, i hope we still get to hang out at the end of this month!

what I have on the itinerary so far
1) Go clubbing
2) Cruise for guys
3) Get REALLY drunk
4) Buy me new dress pants (I just barely noticed a hole in my favorite pair... *tear)
5) Try out your new drag queen persona, "Helga Von Beach"

and I'm done. mostly because it's way past my bed time...and this list could go on FOREVER.

and I hope Mr. Sully doesn't read this, and if he does... those things aren't REALLY on the itinerary, i swear! *cough cough*

Sully said...

Samantha, I think you're wrong. He's much better with the goatee. I miss it. *tear* And hey, maybe he likes guys, too. In this crazy world we live in, you can never be too sure. The competition is on! :)

Sully said...

Attemping the Path, I am so excited! I'm still not sure whether or not I'll be coming, but I think telling my father about the itinerary, especially my secret identity, "Helga Von Beach," will help. :)