Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Spectrum of People...and Colors

I consistently promise myself that I will use my blog for endeavors other than those that are explicitly gay. Certainly I have something to say about literature, national politics, academics, or even the weather, right? Alas, I find the answer repeatedly being "no." This blog will always be the gay expression of my soul. At this point I have relinquished any hope otherwise.

While it may seem like I am actively "playing the field" out here in college, I promise that my actions are not as lascivious as they may seem. The man that I mentioned in "Meeting My Match" and I have had no further developments. For some people, this is sad news (be assuaged; there is more to come). For others (*cough* BYU Honor Code Office *cough*) this is exactly as it should be. However, prospects are not yet bleak for the romantic life of Sully Littrell.

I was invited to a dance party in a dormitory tonight. I went not knowing the host or the company. I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to encounter a guy that I had previously met at a pre-semester university function. I remember the first time that I met him simply because his physiognomy is quite similar to that of David, the largest crush of mine to date. This guy, who we'll name Clive, is certainly a rogue among BYU students. His clothing is about as bohemian as I have seen, and in many attractive ways he defies the norms of the university. Suffice it to say that Clive is a kid on whom I have had my eye.

Tonight, Clive was rather attentive to me during the dance. He equipped me with a single white glove to match his own (can anyone say "Michael Jackson"?), he later brought me a hat to adorn (I suppose he was dressing me to his taste), and to be could say that he didn't have many inhibitions regarding dance techniques. The dance was brief but enjoyable, and I left early with a friend of mine so that we could resume our studies for tests we have tomorrow. As we left Clive's dorm, my friend looked back at the dorm and commented on the flag hanging in Clive's window. "That's his gay pride flag," she said. I looked back and saw a beautiful rainbow covering his window. I was curious, so I pressed the subject.

"Is it really for gay pride, or does he just have an affinity for...the spectrum of colors?"

"No, it's definitely gay pride. He's really into that cause."

I guess I'm just hoping he's really into that in general. :)