Sunday, November 12, 2006

Stevenson-inspired Naming

I have contemplated the creation of this blog for quite some time. My initial desire to create a blog was to have a source of venting and a source of releasing all confusion. Fortunately, I was blessed of God to find much more purpose in the world of any man's opinion, and I have finally come to some beautiful conclusions as to the data contained within this blog. However, the important issue of naming my published creation was a slightly weighty matter that I had not figured out. My worries were swept away, however, when my odd book club elected to read "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" for our Halloween pick. The entire novella astounded me, and I was extremely impressed by Stevenson's poignant explanation, found throughout the entire work, of the struggle that confronts man daily. Especially relevant, in my opinion, is the struggle of reconciling the divine child of God within all and the natural man against which we all, particularly those with same-gender attraction, must fight daily. This book entirely captivated my intellectual attention and my spiritual contemplation, and thus I am compelled to use Stevenson's beautiful writing to enhance my own.

Beyond anything serious, I am quite grateful for Stevenson's choice of words--"faggot" just seemed to describe me perfectly. :) While I know that the intended implication of said word was to be far from describing those with homosexuality, I find the irony of it all too great to ignore. Thank you, R. Stevenson!

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