Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Something (Not) So Serious

As a random note unrelated to the content of this post, I wish to inform any of my readers that I have assumed the entirely conceited position of being one who replies to comments left on his blog by commenting on his own blog. I have been informed by well-blogged and well-trusted sources that this is something blog-appropriate, although it does border the edge of vanity and a form of self-blog-infatuation. I wish to proclaim that I suffer from no such illness, although I will still be responding back to those who comment on my blog by use of my own blog. Please check back for updates as I highly enjoy discussion and the formation of relationships, even if only done online.

I recently had an instant messaging conversation with a great friend of mine, Attempting the Path, in which a horrifying truth was made known unto me; I am the most preachy, dry member of the Queerosphere, and I have acquired this post at such a tender age! :) AtP said all of this with much tact, of course, informing me that I am very heady and serious. This sad truth is also testified on one of his current posts. Thus, I wish to present in this post something that may transcend the mold of my previous posts. What, then, is the (un)serious topic of discussion, you may ask? I have been thinking a lot lately about attractions to people that do not fit the typical mold of "attractive" or "beautiful." I personally have experienced odd attractions for quite a period of time towards a man that does not exhibit any traditional attractive qualities, or at least those stereotypes that my environment has defined. He is somewhat short. He has black hair, a receding hairline, and an strange goatee (assuming a normal patch of facial hair exists...). He also wears glasses. Anyone ready to meet this guy? I know I would be. :) I laugh at myself as I type this for having maintained a feeling for or drawn to such a different-looking fellow, and yet I truly am quite pulled in by him, whatever aspect or quality it may be that attracts me. I would love to engage in a discussion about the elements of attraction, if anyone feels so inclined. I actually have quite a bit more to say about attraction in general, but we'll save that for a more serious, heady post!

Upon editing my own work, I realized that I have made even this a dull post. Maybe translation into a more modern dialogue (dialect) would make this post better.

Modern Translation: I definitely have a man crush on an ugly guy! I am so weirded out by this. Any ideas? Thoughts? Help?

I give up. I am condemned to be ________ (place whatever adjective you believe most accurately describes my blog). I apologize to all bored readers, and I apologize to you, AtP. I suppose this is just who I am--heady and serious. However, you will notice that I frequently use smileys to brighten the tone and whet the reader's appetite, if only on occasion. I do have some redeeming qualities. :) (Smiley--case in point!)

I also find it ironic that the chosen topic of non-importance is that of attractions to the same gender. If there is anything serious in the world, it is the phenomenon that we refer to as same-gender attraction. I am doomed to serious musing. Please accept my apologies.