Thursday, January 4, 2007

Just a Little Less Gay

Alas, after a long "Blogger silence" of multiple weeks, I have returned to writing. The reason for my absence was actually somewhat of a trauma, and I would like to share it here.

I had this brilliant stroke of comprehension sometime over the past couple of weeks, and I realized there may be much less to write about concerning homosexual issues than I originally anticipated, at least for a blogging audience. I have found that not only have I created narcoleptic problems for multiple readers (sleepers, actually, as they prefer to be called :) ), but I simply think that the correct forum for such proper and controversial discussion may not, in fact, be a blog. I suffered a two minute loss of sense of blogging self, but I recovered, and I came out stronger in the end, with better ideas than ever before.

A quick, mid-message disclaimer: should I choose to continue posting preachy. lengthy, Gospel-Doctrine-class-only posts, please be accepting and forgiving. It's simply in my nature to write in such a manner, and no one can be blamed for their nature, can they? :) (Oh, no! A gay reference! I may never learn to separate from this side of me...)

The logical conclusion, however? I still fully intend for this blog to be a place where I can be openly "gay," so to speak. Everyone who leads a "Jekyll vs. Hyde" life understands the importance of letting "Hyde" out in controlled, healthy settings. Blogging is such a release for me. It's nice to be able to complain about issues, about hypocrites, and about all of the other woes that plague me and all who struggle against significant demons. Nevertheless, my blog may become slightly less gay. SHOCKING! I know. Take large breaths, and use an inhaler if necessary. You will be needing as much breath as you can muster because I will be taking it away with my new posts!


AttemptingthePath said...

i'll be sitting down, with a can of coke so I stay awake.

Sully youre amazing, love ya kiddo.

-L- said...

You can write whatever you want and I'll still read it. If it's short. And I'm bored. And there's nothing on TV.

Rebecca said...

Okay, I just - JUST - got that Hyde was probably named that on purpose to play on the word "hide." How, exactly, did I miss that when I read the book? Well, I'm just THAT clueless. But your blog has enlightened me. Thanks.

Posy said...

You write very well.